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Insurance-Covered Medical Services

When medically indicated, minimally invasive and advanced plastic and reconstructive, gynecologic and general surgical procedures may be covered by your private medical insurance. These procedures correct droopy, heavy or dry eyes; difficult nose breathing and snoring; back and shoulder pain caused by large breasts; frequent rashes or infections in the skin folds under the breasts or abdomen; urinary leaking or urgency; vaginal and pelvic structure laxity; painful, heavy irregular periods; inguinal, hiatal and umbilical hernias; and varicose veins.

Contact us to learn how you can benefit from insurance-covered procedures such as:

  • Eyelid and nasal surgery
  • Breast reduction/lift
  • Reduction of redundant abdominal skin 
  • Laproscopic hernia repair
  • Alternatives to hysterectomy
  • Incontinence repair
  • Vaginal reconstruction
  • Permanent birth control
  • Varicose veins
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